GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Life Recently

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

It is our prayer that this letter finds you all doing well. Life has been a huge whirlwind ever since our last update. We completed the shed on our property and were able to have the Christmas Meet and Greet for our neighborhood. Although that particular day was not good weather we still had three neighbors come and we were able to talk for around an hr to each of them and we pray that we will have yet future opportunities to be a witness when we are around.

Following that outreach Christmas rapidly came and went and we thoroughly enjoyed getting together with family and friends to just rejoice in the birth of our Saviour!

The latter part of December and the majority of the month of January became quite busy for us in our preaching ministry with pulpit supply. My Dad who is also my Pastor became quite ill for a couple of weeks, as was the Assistant Pastor. So I filled in there, then the Sunday after they were better another area pastor became ill and asked me to fill in for him. Two others were out of town and it worked into the schedule to fill in for them. If I am recalling correctly we had one Sunday in January with no preaching engagements. While I hate for folks to get sick I am very grateful for the opportunities we had to assist the various ministries by filling in and giving Pastors a break as well for the ones who were away.

One other major highlight of January was that I, along with a few other preachers, was privileged to preach for one of the two weeks of a camp meeting in Pa that was originally started by a good evangelist friend of mine, Leon Foote, who is now with the Lord. It was a great blessing to preach in four different churches during that time one of which was with a friend from my college days Pastor Titus Palmer who is doing great work for the Lord in Three Springs, Pa. We were also privileged to see many friends from churches we have ministered in previously as well as to meet a few new pastors. The folks were so kind and generous and we thank them all sincerely for the part they had in the meetings! We were thrilled to see what God did. There were people genuinely hungry for God’s Word and presence. One particular night I did not even preach because the Spirit of God was so moving that folks were wanting to testify and pray for lost souls and wayward family and those in ministry! The alters were full almost every service! It was a wonderful touch of the Spirit of God!! I am excited to see what God continues to do. It was a wonderful reminder that it’s not about the particular people who are preaching or leading, but God getting big and real in individual lives!! Oh how our nation needs revival!!! May the fires burn bigger and stronger!

The rest of the year is a little uncertain for us although we do have a couple of meetings in the works. Please pray for God to give us more opportunities. We are very grateful for every chance God gives us to minister. That is truly where our hearts are and we greatly appreciate the prayer and giving of God’s people that have made many of these ministry opportunities possible. We also ask that you would continue to pray for us in the area of our business ventures. We have made small progress in that area and are currently working on developing an online approach that will help us to be able to hopefully be more hands-off and free to do more ministry without the need to give as much consideration to the daily needs that arise for us. There is a great need in God’s harvest field!!! I hesitated to mention this, but we need prayers Right now I am finding odd jobs and such but it is making it very difficult to give the ministry the attention that I so desire to and the needed time to my family…

As you may have gathered, we are incredibly busy, yet excited about the opportunities God has in store for us! Right now we are faced with many challenges in our personal lives and ministry and need prayers for the wisdom and strength to do God’s perfect will. We recently found out that we are expecting again so this is weighing heavily into our decisions, as we will be needing to acquire a family vehicle large enough for us all. We will have officially outgrown our car for a family vehicle once the little one arrives. We are in no way prepared for that, but we know that when the time is right God will make a way and provide the right vehicle. We also look forward to the new little life that God has created. Please pray for my wife and for the pregnancy that everything will go well within God’s will. This letter is largely a request for wisdom, strength for all of us, and God’s provision. Also just to praise God for what He is doing in lives and churches specifically across PA!! As always we do leave you with an open invitation to reach out if we can pray for you personally in any specific ways or if we can be of service to you in your ministry.

Joyfully Serving our Risen Saviour,

The Wrachfords,

Micah 6:8