GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Miraculous Provisions of God

I know many have prayed so I felt compelled to share our latest exciting news on the needed shed-build!!! The base is done enough to begin the next important phase, the walls and roof skeleton. Today, I am going to go get the necessary rough-cut lumber to complete this phase. A friend will drop off this lumber on my property today.

Miraculous in itself is the fact that I was able to obtain it for $1.50 per board which is far below the current fair market value. I also plan to make today to be a supply run to Lowes or Home Depot for OSB board for the roof and T1-11 smart-siding, which comes in large sheets to place on the outside. This will complete my entire unit except for shingles or metal for the roof which I have to decide on soon. Then, only one more major consideration is to anchor it to the ground securely in the very near future.

Thanks all for allowing me to bore you with details! Praise God, the end is in sight because of your prayers.

I genuinely believe we can at least have the enclosure by November 7th, which is only one week behind my original goal.

Praise be to Jehovah Jirah! Please also pray for continued provision for the necessary funds to bring the project to its close. God has been good and I know He will conclude what He has begun. The money has been there so far exactly on time but the remainder of the project is also quite expensive so we need wisdom. God who owns the wealth in every mine and cattle on 1,000 hills will see to His project.

In closing, God has reopened the door unmistakably to begin selling many accumulated things around the home to help pay for this project. Please pray as we have many items or are currently making many items that we can sell to generate the necessary cash flow.

Christmas is a time many folks look for gifts for friends and family so the timing could not be much better. We are also praying for enough momentum to be able to carry on from home with enough income to meet family and ministry expenses and grow it to be more financially free and stable for a more effective Gospel, ministry abroad.

We covet your prayers that God would give us meetings, wisdom, and necessary financial blessings to meet our needs and help other needy folks in this holiday season. It is with a full and grateful heart that I close.

P.S. I apologize for the previous email. I was very tired and did not think to edit before posting. My wife edited my email. Thank you!

Joyfully Serving Our Risen Saviour,

Stephen, Karyn, Israel, and Joshua Wrachford

Micah 6:8