GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Special Prayer Request

Dear praying friends,

I wanted to write this quick email to just give a praise and also to give a matter of earnest prayer. Even since the last update, God has continued to bring opportunities into my path to book meetings. I am very grateful. God has continued along the way on the road for me to meet some amazing friends and see God bless with people’s heart being touched by the Word of God. We had a wonderful homecoming service this last Sunday at South Charlotte Baptist Church and several visitors came for the special occasion and I was privileged to preach to the Kids as well as the adults. We are hoping to help the ministry here over the next couple of weeks in between meetings.

For the special prayer request, I have been able to make acquaintance with a new friend Pastor Lloyd Penberthy. He is pastor of First Baptist Church of Hallsetead, Pa. Right now, he is dealing with knee problems and is in need of a double knee surgery. This is weighing heavily on his mind as he has not been able to do the work of the ministry like he desires and will be out of the pulpit for a while with the two separate surgeries. His first is to take place on Nov 9th. It would just like to get an army of God’s servants together praying for him. If God would lead you to be an encouragement to him, information to contact him can be found here. http://www.fbchallsteadpa.org/contact-us.php

I am sure he would love to know that you are praying for him! He has asked me to come help him out at least for the 16th of December to begin with and do some visiting during the week. Please pray with me that this would be an encouraging a fruitful week for this new friend! Pray for visitors to come and pray for souls to be saved and people surrendered! Also, as you think of him, pray that God would allow the surgeries to be successful and he would be able to get back in the saddle if this would be God’s will and for His Glory!

We certainly appreciate your prayers as my wife and I minister together and navigate these final few months of her pregnancy and eagerly await the birth of our first child! Pray that God would grant wisdom to discern the balance between ministry and meeting family needs with the Dr. appointments and so forth.


Joyfully Serving our Risen Saviour,

Stephen and Karyn Wrachford

Micah 6:8