GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

A blessed time!

Dear Praying Friends,

There is nothing in all this world like serving the King of Kings! This last couple of weeks it was a real blessing for me to be able to spend some extra time serving the Lord!First, I was in Brownsville, PA preaching for a Sunday at Bible Baptist Church. This ministry is in search of a Pastor at this point, so it was just pulpit supply, but still it was a great privilege to be involved in this ministry and see what God is doing through them!They have been without a Pastor for around 6 or 7 months. Please pray that God would supply a shepherd for them! Another evangelist friend of mine will be filling in for them for a couple of months and will be able to hopefully help them get somewhat established again in between meetings.

After this, It was a joy to be part of the second and last winter retreat of the season for Servant’s Heart Camp. They met on a beautiful lot about an hr away from their camp. God brought about 30 teens or so out for the weekend, and I got to preach 6 times over the short time that we had together. God particularly moved in several of the teens hearts regarding surrender! I am incredibly thankful for those who had tender hearts and responded to what God was showing them. It was a humbling reminder to me of how God desires to use us as we follow His leading. Going into the weekend, some of the times I was a little unsure to begin with what God wanted me to preach, but each time it seemed God led me to the right message and there were several who responded to the Word of God and hopefully went home to make the choices they needed to make! It was also a blessing to see old friends and meet some new ones too!

Right after the retreat ended, I jumped in the car to head up to Faith Bible Baptist Church in Rome, NY. This is a a little ministry that God has given to Pastor Nino Camulgula. He is serving in the military as well as pastoring this ministry. I got to preach for him in Sunday School and the evening service. Also before leaving on Monday afternoon, I was able to distribute a few copies of John and Romans on that street! Praying that souls will be saved and come out the the church! This area is heavily saturated with Cathalocism, and in desparate need of the gospel. It was a blessing to just go encourage this brother in Christ!

Looking ahead to the summer, I do have a couple of VBS meetings lined up as well as I will be going to Haiti in the end of July beginning of August again! I am very much looking forward to this! It will be for a youth retreat there! I cannot wait to be back with these dear folks. I do have a few openings for VBS this coming summer if you are in search of help, as well as a my fall being open for churchwide revival meetings! Some of my summer events are not yet listed in my itenerary as details are being finalized. Please let me know if you feel the Lord would lead you to have me help you in any way whatsoever!

I am pretty excited about sometime in the near future giving more information on a project. Lord willing, I will be helping with distrubuting God’s Word in the schools in the Solomon Islands and preaching!

Most of all, I ask that you would pray for me to have a vibrant walk with Jesus and that souls will be saved!

Yours for Evangelism,
Stephen Wracford
Micah 6:8