GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

January Ministry

The month of January has been busy in some ways and slow in others, but a great blessing all around. I had the opportunity to preach a few times at Victory Baptist in Woodruff. SC and each opportunity is a great blessing. God seems to be at work in an amazing way there! It was also my joy to preach for Pastor Shawn Madrid up in Pa while he was away visiting family out west. A great church in central Pa with a desire to see God use them!  Pastor Madrid has been a good friend as well, and it has been a joy to see his heart for revival!  This month was also an evangelist advance at Ambassador Baptist College. It was a great blessing to be a part of this and learn from the ministry of Dr. Comfort who we were honoring at this year’s advance. He has had an impact on my life and ministry in the area of challenging me to stay faithful through the years despite opposition that may come my way, as well as challenging me to keep the Bible my central focus in preaching! He has probably impacted my life in more ways than I could even begin to say through his example, life and ministry! Thank God for this faithful servant and warrior!  In the last week, I have also had the priviledge of meeting many pastors from around the country. I have two special prayer requests. One is for Spirit filled ministry and preaching. Also, for a strengthening relationship with many Pastors I have met. My desire is to be a friend to them, and help carry the load in whatever way possible.