GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Divine Appointments

Dear praying friends,

We are so blessed to serve our Lord wherever He leads us. He truly is a good God!

My wife has been able to continue teaching her deaf class at church. It is exciting to see these children growing in Christ. It was encouraging to hear that they have been telling their friends about church and how we do not say God’s name in vain because that is disrespectful and God’s name is holy. Please continue to pray for their growth.

We were blessed to be able to partner with the assistant pastor for a recent teen activity at our home church. We had 3 churches come together for a time of laser tag, food, and a devotional time. Please pray for a teen girl named Adessa that my wife was able to talk with about her salvation. She claims to be saved but we have not seen any fruit in her life. Pray that God would work in her heart as well as her entire family. We have continued to work on the John challenge in our community and her mom has accepted the gospel of John so please pray that God would use this in her entire family’s life.

We always are thankful for every opportunity God provides to be a witness for Him. Please pray for several people that God has allowed us to witness to recently. Pray for young man named “Red” who is involved in satanic practices. Also pray for a gentleman that we purchased a mower from. Sadly, he was also involved with satanic practices. My wife and I were also able to witness to a young man this past week. He was a truck driver who God allowed us to talk with for several minutes.  Also, please pray for a lady named Miranda that God brought into our path about a month ago.

It’s amazing how God continues to lead us to those people that so desperately need Him. Please pray that we would continue to be obedient to His leading.

We are currently serving at Dublin Mills Community Church in Pennsylvania for a couple weeks. Please pray for God’s continued working in this church.

We are excited as we look ahead to several meetings this summer and fall.

The one church we were at for missions conference back in October voted to take us on for support which has been a great blessing to us and our new prayer card is now out, so we are very thankful God allowed us to get that done!

We thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. Please let us know if we can be a blessing to you or your church.

Joyfully Serving Jesus,

The Wrachfords

Mark 16:15