GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15


Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I know I did, and it was a great opportunity to relax a little from the rigors of life and enjoy some time with friends.There was also lots of turkey and all that good stuff! I had enough food to keep me from starving. Haha! It was all very delicious, and it was a great opportunity to reflect on what Christ has done for us all! God sure is good. Speaking of good, God has been especially good in helping my schedule to be pretty full this past year. As I look ahead to the 2016 year, I am excited to see what God will do. It is a real blessing to have the website now, and I hope that you will take the time to recommend it to your friends in ministry if it has been a blessing to you.  As we look ahead to the coming Christmas season, no doubt it is a busy time of year, but may we not forget the real reason for the season! I truly hope you all have a Christ honoring month as we prepare to celebrate Christmas!