GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Missions Trip Update

It is a great joy serving Christ, and also a great privilege to partner with many wonderful men of God from various places! This past month was a special privilege of preaching the gospel in the Philippines for one whole month. Almost every night I was busy in an evangelistic meeting. I want to say very big thank you to Pastor Victorino for arranging everything and for the joy of serving our Lord for the sake of the gospel together. He is a great friend and partner in ministry, and I have gained much from his wisdom over this past month. It was also wonderful to meet many of his Pastor friends and to serve God in their churches. I say a very big thank you to them as well for the opportunity to minister in their churches. We focused on four main areas three were around Manila, and one in a province some distance from the city!  Many souls came to know Christ. Somewhere close to 2,000! Praise God for that!

From day one, I fell in love with the people of the Philippines! The Christians are so sincere, and have such a love for God, it is a big encouragement. I felt as though they have been a bigger blessing than I could ever return to them. God also gave me a great burden for the lost around me too. I thank God for the joy I had of sharing the gospel with 7 philippinos as I was out soulwinning one day and seeing them call on Christ for salvation! While, part of the gospel presentation was done through an interpreter friend of mine, and he was the one who led them to ask Christ into their hearts, it was still a great joy to be used of God to share the gospel. It was a wonderful chapter in life, and I hated to see it come to a close, but, I am excited to see what God will do in these ministries in the days ahead!

My brother also had a great time, enjoyed playing the piano and singing with me in each meeting. It was a joy to take him with me. I believe God taught both of us much through this time! I am so glad he could go now, before he heads off to college!

I would have to say personally, that through these meetings, God has taught me much about myself and about ministry! I thank God for His wisdom and strength, but most of all for teaching me more as I serve Him!

We also got to see some interesting sights along the way. We saw Rizal National Park and Museum, a place dedicated to the man who helped to free the Philippines from the rule of the Spanish. The Philippines has many interesting places, but more importantly has a great need for the gospel, and is a ripe harvest field. I hope God will allow me to return some day soon for another missions trip!