GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Ministry Update

I am not  even sure I know where to begin with this update as I think about how incredibly good God has been! Not to mention, quite some time has passed since my last formal update as well. The summer has been very busy, yet very fruitful! My first meeting for the summer was a VBS with my good friend Pastor Jim Ogle at Emmanuel Baptist in Kings Mountain, NC , who was also one of my professors in college. It was a great joy to get to know him better as well as serve in his ministry. He was a blessing all throughout my college days, and currently is being greatly used of God in the ministry there.

From there, I went to be with my Dad, Pastor Bob Wrachford in Dunbar, Pa to conduct a Bible School. My siblings jumped right in and participated in helping to prepare things. This was a great opportunity to serve along side them this particular week for God’s glory. Several children made some solid decisions in their lives to get things right with God. If they will remain tender throughout their lives to the Word of God, it will be incredibly exciting to see what God will do in the years ahead with them!

After this week of meetings, I went to Meshoppen, Pa to serve with a Pastor I had never met before. But Pastor Myers is a wonderful man of God who has been there since beginning the church 40 years ago! He still has a fervor to reach out to his community there in the mountains of north central Pa. Several children accepted Christ and showed a wonderful understanding of the plan of Salvation! That right there was just so exciting!

Maineville, OH was my last VBS for the summer. and God clearly moved in a great way there as well. This was my second time to help out there under this good friend, and we are already beginning to toss some ideas around for next year! Following this time. I was able to preach a teen rally at my home church, in Taylors, SC , then go up to the annual Landmark Conference at Ambassador Baptist College.

Each week was marked by special answers to prayer! In fact, before I began the summer, I was praying for at least 20 souls to be saved. God went far above that! To my knowledge there were 27 that made profession of faith. And I have not even gone to Haiti yet! That trip will be from Aug 9 – 23. Please pray with me that more souls will be saved!

As I close this update, I just want to say, I covet your prayers above anything else! I want to be useful for the cause of Christ and to be yielded to Him in every way. Please pray for an unspoken prayer request I have. Second, please remember to keep the missions trip in prayer. The country of Haiti some years ago was officially dedicated to Satan, and there is a lot of witchcraft, and voodoo is their primary religion. This country, which is classified as fourth world is, indeed, in desperate need of the transforming power of the Gospel! It is a small nation, but God is a great God who cares even about the tiniest islands of people in the world! Third, please pray for God to guide in my car situation. It has been repaired several times recently and it is getting to the time to be considering what God would have for me to do with that. Just want to wait on Him, not running before or behind but exactly following His leadership in this area. I am absolutely thrilled at what God is doing! It is a joy to be a small part of God’s work and to let Him do the impossible as some exciting possibilities begin to present themselves. If I can ever pray for you in any way or be of help in any way whatsoever, I hope that you will feel free to contact me.

Joyfully Serving our Risen Saviour,

Stephen Wrachford

Micah 6:8