GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

Infant Churches

It was such a blessing during my second and third weeks to minister in new church plants. There in the Philippines they call them missions. I was able to minister in two different missions. One was three years old, and the other only three months. In the three month old mission, 34 souls accepted Christ as their personal Saviour! There is no greater joy than seeing the lost come to know Christ, and when it happens in an infant church, that is even more exciting! One thing that was a great blessing to me was to see how serious the Pastors in the Philippines are about seeing to it that the great commission is fulfilled. And an integral part of that is to plant churches that plant churches. Many of the churches send out one or more missionaries every year to start a new mission work. This is accomplished through starting Bible Studies in an area, and as they gain new converts, they are able to disciple these precious souls so that they are even better grounded. Eventually, when strong enough to stand on it’s own, they establish a church which will continue to grow until they establish another church! What a joy to encourage these missions in their work and to see how God uses them even from the very start to win the lost and make disciples!