GO ye into all the WORLD


Preach the GOSPEL

– Mark 16:15

God is Good!

It is hard to put into words just how good God is! I continually find myself noticing the blessings that God sends and wondering why God would show such goodness to me! God gave me the privilege of preaching this past Sunday at a church in Macon, Ga and seeing a good number of visitors! In the Sunday School, I preached on the resurrection, and Sunday morning, I preached the account of the Garden of Eden and was able to share the gospel. Although I don’t know for sure of anyone who got saved, the people seemed like they got a blessing from the day, and there is possibility of meetings in the future! God has just been sending these little blessings and opportunities along the way at the times when I am least expecting it.

I’d like to share something that happened recently since I have been off the road a good portion of the fall. One night, I went out to grab a bite to eat and ran into this guy who worked there. He asked me what I was doing, and just so happened that I was preaching the next morning filling in at a little area church. I had been studying 1 John. This by the way has been a phenomenal study for me in recent weeks. Well, as I began to share with him how much God longs to have fellowship and that God sent Jesus to die and be raised again so that we could have fellowship with Him! He said he had been reading in the book of Revelation, and it scared him! It gave me a wonderful opportunity to witness, and leave a gospel tract. I share this to encourage you that there are opportunities waiting out there! People are searching! Pray I would be able to follow up with this gentleman sometime soon!

In all, I have had a tremendous year. 27 children saved in VBS ministries this summer! A tremendous revival meeting back in April with Pastor David Foote, and about 30 or so that were saved in Haiti when i was there about two months ago!

Id just like to share a few Prayer requests.

Please pray for brother Leon Foote, a good friend of mine, and the father of the Pastor I was with in April. He has some serious health needs and has a heart for ministry, but he just needs some extra prayer as he battles his health concerns with cancer and other things.

Please pray for Haiti and the US with the damages from Hurricane Matthew and that God would use this to waken His people and draw the lost to himself.

Please pray for me that God would expand ministry opportunities and meetings and that there would be lasting fruit! I’d love to be more involved in ministry and less occupied with Chick Fil A or even not need to be there all together.

Please pray for a special unspoken I have as well.

In every area I want to be yielded to God and useful for His work! If there is ever any way whatsoever I can be of help to you or pray for you, please feel free to reach out!

Joyfully Serving our Risen Saviour,

Stephen Wrachford

Micah 6:8